After 26 days of operation C21HA went QRT at 00:15 UTC 07 February. The "two back-packers single station show" is over from Nauru. There are 32392 QSOs in the log from 160 DXCC entities.  Detailed statistical information available on the log search page. The log has been uploaded to the LotW, as well. The OQRS service is now opened and available at the on-line logsearch page.

QSL manager, HA5AO Pista.

The log correction request will be answered after arriving back home. The corrected log will be on the Clublog and will be uploaded to LotW, later. Thanks for all the contact and our sincere apologies goes to those station whose call sign we were not able to pick up in the pile up.

These 26 days were very challenging and are unforgettable for us. We will never forget the station who called us, but he forgot his call sign, the station who was begging to work again on the top band, as he overslept the opening because he was drinking too much at the evening, the station who was so happy and extremely overwhelming like a child for the Christmas present, that he was able to make C2 as new one. We will never forget the Nauru operation.

Special thanks to our families, to our wife's for their support and for their kind understanding. We missed them very much.

We need to say many thanks to AA7JV, George, for modelling and designing a special lightweight antenna for the top band and 80 meter for this operation. Thanks for our friends, HA5PT, HA5TI, HA7RY for the valuable propagation information they sent day by day on line. Thanks to my colleagues, especially to Gabriella, for keeping up in the works instead of me, while I was away, here at Nauru.

Thank you for the support of DX Foundations and Clubs and as well as for the personal contributions of many DXers.


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