The latest news from Lesotho

The latest news from Lesotho

I have just received photos on the new house was built for the two orphane girls, Tebello and Thato, with the help of the HAM radio operators and other helpful people who sent donation in the last year.

The house has also been officially registered in the names of the girls as owners. You remember, I announced the donation campaign in August 2009 after my first visit to and my first operation from Lesotho. Last March I gave the donated 2,573 USD to the Commitee of Leratong Community Centre, Roma, Lesotho. The Commitee decided to have a new house built to the two orphane girls.

I am very pleased to inform you that thanks to your kind support, to the effort of managing the project by  the Commitee of Leratong Centre, to the donation of the beds, tables chairs, carpets, and curtains by the Sun Hotel in Maseru, the new house is finished and the girls moved in. This is the first time to Tebello and Thato  to have beds to sleep in, to live in a dry and protected place from the elements, to call home. Thank you, all of you who sent donation, for giving a chance to those two girls to have home. The Leratong Community Centre has sponsored their schoolbooks and will help them with the school work. You can read the Community Newsletter with the overview of their activity and development in 2010.

The old hut in March 2010. Desperately demaged by heavy rains. Their bed in August 2009 The new house with local helpers Their new bedroom and the grand Ma The girls with the old hut in donated clothes in March 2010 Thato and Tibello in their new home

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