A group of concerned people from this village identified the need for a community centre for the orphans and vulnerable children of the villages Ha Lerata, Ha Lehloba, Thoteng, Ha Ramonamatsa and Motoko.

Leratong Community CentreDr Scott Rosenberger of Wittenberg University in Ohio approached me about a project that his school get involved in. In consultation with the villagers it was decided that a community centre serving the needs of children would be an ideal project to develop. Scott, along with his students and the Rotary Club in Springfield, Ohio, raised the funds to build a two room centre, lay on water and build a VIP toilet.
The students, under the guidance of local builder, built the walls, painted the centre and on Sunday 1 June 2008 the Leratong Community Centre was presented to the Community.

Dr Dick Weisfelder of Toledo University in Ohio brought Fulbright students to Lesotho in July 2008 and they volunteered their time at the Centre to teach the children games, drawing, handicrafts and most importantly gave more than 80 children a sense of belonging to a community of care and support.

The ground on which the Centre is built is legally registered to the Leratong Community Centre.

The Centre is registered as a school with the Department of Education.

The Centre is being managed by volunteer community committee of five members made up of myself, Ma’Thabo Dlamini, a concerned parent & care giver, the head teachers of the Liphakoeng School & N.U.L.I.S., Thabo Nthloki, an orphan and volunteer at the Centre.

The aim of the Centre is to equip orphans and vulnerable children with life skills and to be a safe haven in the afternoons and school holidays.

Handicrafts, like knitting sewing and basketry would be taught. The children would be provided with counselling and career guidance. Basic numeracy and language skills would be taught.

The Leratong Community Centre requirements are:

Building maintenance
Tables and chairs
Playground equipment
Stationery supplies
Toys and games
Books to suit all reading level grades
Security fence
Handicraft materials, like wool, cloth, etc.

The local village community leaders will ensure the maintenance and safety of the building.
Volunteers will teach and counsel the children.
We are identifying sponsors for the supplies and materials.
Tourist to the Trading Post Guest House to visit the Centre to volunteers their time and expertise.
The committee will access funding from the Department of Education, NGO’s and donations,

Donations to the Leratong Community Centre can be made via Committee member Jennifer Thorn of Trading Post Guest House.

Money donations can be made to:

a/c J.A. THORN
24 0576 284
LADYBRAND sorting code: 05-56-33
SWIFT address: SB ZA ZA JJ

Parcels can be posted to:

Leratong Community Centre
P.O.Box 86
Ladybrand 9745
South Africa

The above address and bank is the cheapest option in terms of charges and duty payments.

On behalf of the Leratong Community Centre, thank you for your interest and support.

Jennifer Thorn
[email protected]