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Nauru, C21HA, 2012

News from C21HA, VII

On the 24th day of our operation we exceeded the 30 kQSO. There are 30302 QSO in the log. During the last 3-4 days we were able to work on the top band. The equatorial noise level went down to S2-S3, which is still high to hear the EU stations. The second station actually has not been running for days. The imrovised Inverted L antenna is not effective enough to get over with 100 W not even to State side at this low sunspot number periode. (As you know, the motor of our SteppIR BigIR antenna gone at the transportation.) The 95 percent of the QSOs were made on one station.

We are really sorry that instead of two station we could actually run only 1.05 station.

We will go to QRT on 6th February, Tuesday, around 24 UTC. We have two days left but we will continue the efforts to working on 160 meter, as well. We will leave the island on 07 Februalry at 02z, which is 08 Febr 14:00 local time. We will have an overnight in Brisbane, than we will arrive home to Budapest on 10th Febr, Friday 12:00 MEZ.


# F5LVLfernand 2012-02-05 06:22
Hello Team C21HA, vy ligth expé, vy fb
new one for my. 3 QSO SUPER :-) !!!.my qsl direct
Fernand F5LVL
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# IT9FGAGiuseppe 2012-02-06 10:36
Hi pse last try on 28 CW at 20:00 utc for EU....tnx!! 73

Giuseppe, IT9FGA
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# UR2VASerge 2012-02-06 12:13
Hi guys,
Many thanks for a NEW ONE in CW on 4 bands,
and for excellent DXoperation!

73, Serge UR2VA
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# F6GCPPat - F6GCP 2012-02-06 23:05
Excellent! Very good job considering all facts.
You gave me 1 new one in RTTY (which gave me TopHR-10, so 1 to get HR entry)... And 2 QSO in RTTY! whaou!
Have safe trip back home and see you - 73

PS : QSL direct even QSO already confirmed by LOTW! Excellent also!
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# ik5runSimone 2012-02-07 08:10
Congratulation! .. very nice operation, thnak's for lotw upload.
Best 73 and good coming back to home. Simone.
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