HAM radio station

Lesotho, 7P8AO, 2009

Arrivals & start

 We have all arrived safe to Lesotho. John, 7P8OK (9M6XRO) had already been here on Monday afternoon and he helped to set up the station and  antennas. He started the operation on Tuesday afternoon. 

The main group , Frosty, 7P8CF (K5LBU), Laurent, 7P8MM, (W0MM), Dan, 7P8YI (DJ0YI) and Pista, 7P8AO (HA5AO) arrived on Wednesday around noon. The second trailer with the tower has not arrived, yet.  We only have one station on the air at the moment. We expect the second one to be set completely up by tomorrow.
We have very limited and slow internet access, so I cannot promise to upload news very frequently and no photos will be uploaded during our stay. However we can upload the logs for all stations to this site for search. It was necessary to modify the search script, but I was not able to upload it to the server. We are looking for an alternative route. Untill then you can search the logs clicking on the „Seach all logs…” in the drop down menu. It is working properly, the shown result is correct. The only limitation is just for statistical information: You cannot get other stations from the drop down menu, but they are already in it. Please be patient. I’ll try to do my best.
73, Pista, 7P8AO

Solar data

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